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Other Work

Here's what I have been up to lately!

COVID Protector Alerts (mini exploration)

The pandemic has made it really difficult to take care of family and friends from afar, leaving many people feeling overwhelmed and helpless. But what would happen if we got a reminder when we entered a protector "bubble" that people had set around their loved ones? Would an alert that someone had a loved one nearby remind us that our actions could directly impact others, and lead us to take more precautions? How can we bring humanity back to the center of a disease that has become so politicized?


What would happen if a bunch protector alerts were set in an area, or if someone even misued the functionality to send alerts almost everywhere people went? Could the constant reminders of COVID as a human issue actually be beneficial?

white phone covid warning.png

Special Programs & Coding ✨

Camera Lens/Filter

I had to create a camera filter for an application (in this case it was Snapchat), and it got me thinking - how can I use this to focus on positive messages and facilitate interactions between users, as opposed to the popular use of lenses to focus on oneself? To further push these feelings of a positive interaction and make users smile to send a compliment to their friends, I programmed the lens to stop on a compliment when the user smiles.

Using Code to Combine Data

I used Javascript, HTML, and CSS to combine two disparate datasets in an unexpected way. Taking the leading causes of death and the most popular Valentine's Day greeting card messages, I created a webpage where users can generate love letters from diseases. 

Valentine Message.png

💖 See it in action 💖

AfterEffects Animations ✨

School of Information Intro/Outro

I created a short animation using After Effects of the logo for the School of Introduction. This was originally created for Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement material, and it is currently being used in promotional material for the new undergraduate major at the School of Information.

Introduction to HTML Tutorial

Using AfterEffects, I created this introduction video on HTML tags for some of the undergraduate courses (Information in Cyberspace, Academic Success in the Digital University) for which I was a TA for 2 years.

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